Verfasst von: bart21 | Mai 21, 2009

Game 1 Cavs Magic close look…

If you were in favour of seeing this game you may have seen a very phisical game with a lot of heart and athletisism and a perfect mixture of crunchtime plays at the end of the game and power been shown by Dwight Howard and Lebron James through this Game so let´s take a closer look to the game last night:


D12 shows us his power and dominance  by ripping down the shotclock at the beginning of the first quarter  I felt  like I was taken back to old shaqster (the real superman) days


The longer the series goes it´s gona favor cleveland Reggie Miller… I don´t think so…

Ilgauskas can not guard D12
— Not able to guard smaller Guys comming of the pick and roll (Lewis/Hedo)

They can´t  guard those big three (Lewis/Hedo/Howard) caused by quickness athletisism and there all around plays.


—>15p./6reb/14 assists (Hedo)—> 49p./6reb./8 assists (Lebron)

—> 30/13/1/2 (Howard)—> 10p./10reb./2 assists (Big Z.)

—> 22/7/3(Lewis)—>17p./4reb./5 assists (Mo Williams)








— Too phisically to go over lebron everytime —> he´s exsausted after one game although we´ve seen him play very hard almost in another dimension with his all around game on both ends of the floor.

So the biggest question to me is if he can play on this high level as the series goes on be they can go back to win one Game, but if they play on this level every night the cavs don´t even have a chance, just because of the more balanced attack and athletisism I mentoined before the game starts.


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