Verfasst von: bart21 | Mai 23, 2009

„First Half“ Game 2 Conference Finals Cavs-Magic

24-13 run to end of the second quarter by Magic so it seems to me that the Magic still have a chance to win this game if they keep up this level of intensity
Lebron James: just because he has to do soo much he´doesn´t have his all around game in the first half so far 17p. are amazing but there are just 1/2/1steal to go along with the 17 points.

Delonte West
 He has shown us some of his skills  just because of the way he scores the basket with his quickness and ability to share the ball, he turns out to be a big part in the Cavs team for winning the Championship (8points/3reb./1Assist/2Fouls/2TO 1Block) 



(26/16) points in the paint


Dwight Howard:


Big  Z.:

Needs more touches, he knows how to play without athletik abilities. Just because of his shooting ability so far  he´s able to score in front of Dwight Howard. (10points /9reb./0Assists/1Foul/1TO) —-first half  to me he seems to be the key guy to keep dwight howard away from the basket jsut to give the team this little push they will need to win this game.


Lebron James will set the tone in every game but the bench needs to do their job with  just a little bit more intense cause we´ve seen them struggle with big leads , so if lebron gets his rest time, will the other guys be able to keep up that intesity level against this hard team ?
56-44 lead for the cleveland cavaliers going into the third quarter…



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