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GAME 4 Cavs Magic Lookahead…

Lookahead Game 4 Cavs Magic


Early in the game they schould try to put pressure on Lebron. So he wouldn´t be able to get his rhythim going

Lebron can shut one of the big three down, but as mentioned there two left and one as you know is dwight howard, who was limited in terms of scoring the basket on the one hand but on the other hand he was still able to get some defensive stops and rebounds.

He still gonna get them into trouble but they schould try to defend him away from the basket this type of play opens up other lanes for Big Z who is also able to shoot from the outside so all in all dwight howard is forced to go out of the paint just to get a hand up on Big Z when Big Z is able to get the ball down low to those other players they will be able to contribute something fpr winning the basketball game.

They are also able to get him into foultrouble

Raefer Alston was guarded by Lebron James on the helpside but still was able to get 11 points in the first half Lebron is able to shut somebody totally down

hedo is gonna stay agressive athough he was struggelin in terns of scoring (almost had tripple double: 11points/1/9FG/9/10FT/8 rebounds/7Assists)

Just because he was able to have a bad game and still winning this one he´s more confident of winning the next one, with him more focused and on fire. He doesnt have to question himself for your confidence isn´t that low because your Team didn´t win.

Stan Van Gundy:

Both Teams fightin real hard, it was though for both of them to get good looks and alot lot of times they were standing at the freethrowline.

Foultrouble became a real problem cause of that the Cavs were able to fight back and two of our four key guys were in foul trouble and it´s never gonna be easy to win in this series caused by defensive pressure on both sides of the court.

A difficult Game and a win at the end we are very proud of.

We have proven everything


We are very confident to win this series but so are they so at hte end it´s gonna be a very hard fought series.

We cannot get outhustled

We´ve been through all this, we´ve proven them that we´re able to win dirty and bad Playoff Games.If we get some defensive stops they´re not able to get to the open floor so quickly


Tried to be agressive and tried to get other big guys to move their feet and get them into foultrouble.

Can´t allow anything to stop me mentaly from archieving our goal



We needed to get a good start esspecially at home and that´s what we did and that was the key. In the other games we were comming from behind and were putten under pressure

You have to do things in a smarter way in terms of getting harder defensivelly and beeing more aggressive and physical


Mike Brown:

We missed some shots that we normally make.

They do cause some mathup problems of course with four all stars competing with us.

We gave ourselve a chance of coming back when we cutted it to four points, but they made some plays at the end which desided the game.

We gotta man up a little bit, trying to get those people out of the game who were hot the last one.

you gotta give them credit defensivelly they are a very good team.



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