Verfasst von: bart21 | Februar 1, 2010

Fashion…Nikolaj d’Etoiles Fall 2009 Collection

To be honest with you guys I couldn´t imagine myself posting something about fashion on my blog but here we go:)

If been looking around on several blogs of late and getting more and more into this fashion thing since  everybody is talking about fashion due to recent events like The fashion week in Paris.

I found this which is to be honest not the latest update on fashion but still dope stuff:

Ok the shoes are bad but the jackets are killer…

Nikolaj d’Etoiles Fall 2009 Collection

In 2003, during a sojourn in Monaco, Anders and Tobias Björkstedt were inspired to create a new fashion label. Their label, Nikolaj d’Etoiles, is driven by the ideas of relaxation, power, sex, and “the good life,” and seeks to embody a “vision of perfection.” The fall/winter 2009 line from Nikolaj d’Etoiles features a well-curated collection of items, including blazers and coats cropped perfectly at the waist, trim sweaters, and pants (often tucked into a pair of the collection’s boots).

For more information and pics:

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