Verfasst von: bart21 | Mai 13, 2010

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.“

Im not sure but I think my life changed in recent days there were ups and downs mostly downs looking back on the last few months. But I always knew that there is always somebody or something that helped me get through the times of struggle. Now Im able to see good things mainly good things in my everyday life, not that Im furfilled with distance darkness  and times alone that´s just not me, but sometimes some of  it seems necessary.Just to get your mind ready and to stay focused  Having friends to share your thoughts and time  is the greatest thing I coud have asked for.

There were times when I had to say to myself  why did you kept  on for so long ? It´s tough when someone starts to ignore you but it´s even tougher to pretend that you don´t mind.

Memories going back and forth feelings going up and down. One thing was always on mind…I see you and you see  me There is only thing that this could  be.when Im with you I feel so free.

My thoughts were all over the upcoming summer in any kind of way. Changes are about to happen ? Sitting there down on the gras sharing thoughts and beliefs, having time to do whatever you want. 13 years of school have ended so rapidly comming in I never thought that it would happen so fast. Friendships have nearly ended, new ones have been explored. I´m very thankful for such experiences latlely and hope they won´t stop. Going out with friends and family having time to relax have been rare. I can´t say how much time I spend and still do working on my final exams. I´ve been thinking about what the future holds for me just like everyone did and of course I´m overwelmed by the opportunities. Am I ready for a change ? All gates are open can´t wait to see to feel and to explore whatever is out there and I hope I can share it with as many friends as possible :).

have you ever prayed for something your whole life ?
I mean all you dreamed about was this one thing
I mean you know it´s comming
You have faith in all that
But sometimes you second guess yourself
As human nature I suppose second guessing
When life seems to take you through more downs than ups
seems like it gives you more loses than wins
whether you stand tall or stay bold
Or do you fall ?
Do you belief ?
to me I came a long way
way too far for me to stop now
not that I would stop anyways
So close I can feel it
Can you feel it ?

Let the journey begin

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